“Arise, arise and sing a song” – June 2011

President’s Message – June 2011

“Arise, arise and sing a song”

In keeping with my own plans of drawing inspiration for these presidential messages from a chapter of the books in the Prophets and Writings that follow the 5 books of Moses, this month I look to the second book, the book of Judges or Chieftains. This book is filled with tribal histories, the individual tales of heroic but flawed leaders, and some stories that were entertaining 2,500 years ago, but tend to be horrific now.  Parts of the 4th and 5th chapters of the Book of Judges are chanted as the haftorah, known as the Song of Deborah, in mid-winter on Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song.   I will always remember how on last Shabbat Shirah we memorialized Deborah Friedman, who passed away last January, by singing Ms. Friedman’s song – Devorah’s Song.  (A clip is found at http://www.ruachcd.com/music/5763/devorahs_song.htm.)  The song includes these lines –

“Arise arise, Devorah!

Arise arise and sing a song.

Arise arise, Devorah!

Uri uri, dabri shir.”

In June, we will have opportunities to arise and sing our songs.  On Tuesday, June 7, we are planning to celebrate the gift of the Torah in a Shavuot eve of songs, prayers, study, an appropriate movie, and dairy snacks. Some of us will be staying up to dawn, on the night in which tradition says that the heavens open up at midnight for us to directly contact G-d.  Please join us for a memorable evening.

On Wednesday, June 15, at 7 pm, we will be convening our 102nd annual congregational meeting. It will include lots of information on the state of our community, a presentation of the 5772 board members, and the discussion and approval of our next fiscal year’s congregational budget.

There will also be refreshments and opportunities for social networking.

And then on Friday, June 17, we will commemorate the closing of our 100th anniversary celebration by honoring generous community members and recent new members to our community.  Please come and celebrate this milestone in our congregational life.

You have lots of opportunities to arise and sing your song.  Please let us know how you might want to share your interests and skills to enhance your own life and our community.  Please also share any ideas on how you might want to participate in the high holidays.  All ideas on participation are welcomed.

Have a healthy, happy, and lovely June and beginning of summer.  Hope to see you on June 15th.



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