GFE in Jamaican Schools

Global Field Experiences in Jamaican School 2011-2013

a presentation at the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Conference, Eastern Connecticut State University, Friday, April 24, 2015

1) History – Eastern-Jamaican cohort program – BS in Sociology degrees for Jamaican teachers in the Hanover-St. James-Westmoreland Parishes, Rev. Percival Lynch and Mrs. Georgia Lynch, Dean Beverley Anderson, Arts and Sciences; Dean Rochelle Giménez and Associate Dean Carol Williams, School of Continuing Education; Professors Bob Wolf, Marty Levin, Dennis Canterbury, Roy Wilson, Fred Loxsom, …

2) Eastern to Jamaica – undergraduate global field experiences –

Jamaica 2010 EES and Political Science

Jamaica 2011 – Social Work

Jamaica 2011 – Education

Jamaica 2012 – Education

Jamaica 2013 – Education

3) personal reflections on global field experiences in Education

International Connections in Education

Katie’s Jamaica 2011

Chelsea’s Highlights

Kayla’s Memories of Jamaica

Jessi’s Music in Jamaica