Electronic Portfolios for Empowering Collaboratives 053113

Annual Conference on Innovative Pedagogy & Course Redesign, Fairfield University

Electronic Portfolios for Empowering Collaboratives among Learners and Teachers

Presenter Information: David L. Stoloff, Eastern Connecticut State University

Location: DSB, Room 109

Start Date: 31-5-2013 9:00 AM

End Date:  31-5-2013 10:15 AM

Session Type: Roundtable Discussion


This roundtable will seek to attract teaching and learning professionals/faculty members/instructional designers and assessors who might be interested in discussing their progress in the uses of electronic portfolios to support student learning, professional development, and the assessment of learning and curriculum. The roundtable facilitator will discuss the applications of wordpress.com, a freeware blog site, by undergraduates to organize their learning, reflect on the integration of their experiences and practice with course theory. A case study in the reflections of undergraduates who participated in a global field experience in Jamaican schools will illustrate the uses of electronic portfolio for creativity, reflection, and personal growth. The roundtable facilitator will discuss the uses of AAC&U Integrative Learning VALUE rubric to assess student electronic portfolios, course redesign that encourages students to archive their coursework in an ePortfolio to empower them to reflect on their learning and the integration of campus experiences to connect theory and practice.

Roundtable participants will be encouraged to discuss their uses of electronic portfolio to enhance learning and pedagogy, the potential impact of the growing uses of “student success portfolios” in PK-12 schools on learning and teaching in post-secondary settings, and their practices and planning for assessment which may be enhanced using student ePortfolios. We will also discuss the uses of electronic portfolios to encourage collaborations inside the learning community and outside in the wider community of parents, family members, and other stake-holders. This session would conclude with the development of a listserv for further discussions and collaborative support among the participants.

Topic Designation: Assessment, Diversity issues in teaching and learning, Technology

Presenter Bio(s)

David L. Stoloff, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Education Department, Director, Center for Educational Excellence, and President, University Senate at Eastern Connecticut State University. He is a lead faculty member in Eastern’s MS in Educational Technology online program and also teaches courses in the university liberal arts program. His research interests include the applications of educational technology, international and cross-cultural education, and summer programs designed to attract minority students to teacher education and professional development.

Contact information:

83 Windham Street, Webb Hall Room 150

Willimantic, CT 06226

tel. no. (860) 465 – 5501

email: stoloffd@easternct.edu , WWW: http://stolofd.wordpress.com

Webliography – resources for this roundtable

Stoloff, D. L. (2013). ePortfolios to document global field experiences 0513. Retrieved from https://writingsdls.wordpress.com/e-volution-conference-presentation/  .

Stoloff, D. L. (2012). ePortfolio rubric. Retrieved from http://stolofd.wordpress.com/eportfolio-rubric/



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