ePortfolios for Student Evaluations

Evolving Student Evaluations: Authentic Assessments Illustrated by Electronic Portfolios

a presentation by Professor David L. Stoloff (Education Department, Eastern Connecticut State University), stoloffd@easternct.edu, @davidstoloff

posted at https://writingsdls.wordpress.com/eportfolios-for-student-evaluations/

at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of University Professors, Washington, DC, Friday, June 16, 2017, 3:15–4:15 PM

Session 9D –  New Hampshire Room

How might student evaluations be more clearly aligned with individual and societal goals?  After an overview of Bloom’s digital taxonomy, the presenter will introduce strategies like project-based and service learning to reach critical consciousness. Illustrations of projects and electronic portfolios will encourage session participants to share their own best practices in student evaluation.

  1. goals of student evaluations – curriculum development and revision, course evaluation, client/customer service, personnel decisions
  2. goals of higher education – preparation of citizens, office holders, workers, allegiances to institutions
  3. what are your goals for the next few minutes on this topic?
  4. topics to discuss – any experiences with electronic portfolios?, are you interested in exploring the uses of student ePortfolios for faculty curriculum development?, student professional development, potential societal forces that might change the nature of higher education and the university teaching and learning settings, some other topics to discuss:

What’s coming?

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