Global Connections for Future Teachers – CECA CASL 2016

Global Connections for Future Teachers

located on Web at

presented by Dr. David L. Stoloff, Professor, Education Department,

Eastern Connecticut State University, email:

A Roundtable Discussion and a Playground Workshop at the

CECA CASL 2016 Conference

(Connecticut Educators Computer Association and Connecticut Association of School Librarians conference)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
556 Mulberry Street
Plantsville, CT 06479


Notes for Session Type: Playground and Roundtable Discussion

Title: Global Connections for Future Teachers

Playground Abstract: Participate in the building of a global community of future teachers in teacher education programs via ICT tools. Experiences from a collaborative between the Chinese Cultural University in Taiwan and Eastern Connecticut State University will be showcased, including discussion of how future teachers connected using video, audio, and texting. Information on how to get started on global collaborations will be shared. The potential for expanding collaborations, virtual clinical experiences, and research projects will be highlighted.

Appropriate for: Middle/Jr, High, Post Secondary, Adult, future teachers


“Opportunity for global discussion on global connections –

Please Join us for a twitter discussion of The Global Educator by Julie Lindsey. We’ll be discussing Parts 1 & 2 of the book. If you’re interested, it’s not too late to sign up and take part! Register here:

Here are more details about the twitter book study:

Details: Tuesday, October 25th on Twitter. All questions will be released at 8:00pm eastern time from the IVC PLN Twitter account (@IVCPLN).


Since all questions will be released at one time, please start your tweets with A1, A2, etc., to distinguish between your responses to each question. You have 24 hours from the time of the release to participate in the discussion. Please use the hashtag #ISTEglobaled

Q1: What does being a Global Educator mean to you? #ISTEglobaled

Q2: Share your digital toolbox. What’s your favorite tool? #ISTEglobaled

Q3: What are your global learning goals? #ISTEglobaled

Q4: What challenges or barriers to global education do you have in your work place? How do you overcome those issues? #ISTEglobaled

Q5: What’s your best advice to budding global education leaders? #ISTEglobaled

Q6: What global communities do you use and why? #ISTEglobaled

Mark your calendars for other events part of this discussion! (more details to follow via email):

  • Live webinar with author Julie Lindsey: Thursday, November 3rd  from 6:00-6:45pm eastern time
  • Twitter Book Discussion Part 2: Tuesday, November 15th on parts 3 & 4 of the book

Hope you can join us!!”

Chrissy Gregg
Virtual Classroom Coordinator
The National WWII Museum
Jefferson LA


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