Readings – 2018

Readings during 2018

1) Saundra Yancy McGuire with Stephanie McGuire (2015).  Teach Students how to Learn.  Sterling,  Virgina:  Stylus.

Book selected for the pedagogy reading group’s meeting in January 2018.  Good primer recognizing mindset, learning styles, Bloom’s taxonomy, metacognition, and some neurophysiology.  Interesting discussion of the Absent Professor program with the Center for Academic Success at LSU and the effects of a 50-minute intervention on learning and support from a learning center.  Assumes that students are studying for tests – not yet into project-based learning, personalized learning, student-managed learning, and collaborative learning service.   Read on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

2) Schwartz, Howard (selected and retold) (1988).  Lilith’s Cave:  Jewish Tales of the Supernatural.  New York:  Oxford University Press.

Tales from Eastern Europe, Tunisia, Persia, Germany, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia, … about Queen of Sheba, vanishing brides and bridegrooms, haunted rivers and mikvot, apprentices, magical rabbis, … Took a long time to read, finished on March 12, 2018,