Rosh Hashana 5777

Rosh Hashanah 5777 – October 2017

Dear friends and family:

A very happy, healthy, peaceful, and fulfilling new year and a lovely and colorful fall to you and yours.

Please forgive us for any wrongs or hurts we might have caused you in the past year and in previous years.

The Stoloff family’s branch offices in 3 other states- Nate and Charlie in the Boston area, Dan in Pittsburgh, and Fay in Los Angeles county – continue to prosper and succeed.  At the Willimantic world headquarters, Debbie teaches 18-months to 3-year olds at Community Children’s Center childcare in Mansfield.  David continues to enjoy teaching oncampus and online courses at Eastern and is active with his union, AAUP.  He is also using Charity Miles and MyFitnessPal to document his mileage and his diet.

We celebrated memorable times with family and friends – Thanksgiving at Sam and Irene’s Pittsford (NY) home, Fay’s graduation with honors as a communication/ urban and public policy major from the University at Buffalo, the wedding of cousins Heather and Dori, the 90th birthday party of Aunt Goldie Liverant, and a cousins’ gathering at Rena and Ami Samin’s home in Manhattan Beach.  We also enjoyed other happy times in NYC, DC, Portland (OR), and Los Angeles, while visiting Fay, who is serving as a social media specialist for Hillel in the San Fernando Valley, and on the north fork of Long Island with Clark Univ. friends and on the south fork with Uncle Jerry Steinman.   We were also saddened by the passing of Ilse, Al Stoloff, Warren Levy, and David Golden.

Our branch offices all have Facebook and/or LinkedIn presences so we invite you to follow them there.  We look forward to joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling times with our branches and with you all in the coming years.

 Best wishes for renewed health and happiness,

and peace and joy in the coming year,debbie-and-david-5776

Love, Debbie and David Stoloff; 860-450-1294

86 Pigeon Road, Willimantic, CT 06226

For an online version of these greetings –

For a pdf version of these greetings, rosh-hashanah-5777.

Online there is a slide show of some of our memories:

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For music while you read – there are links online –

Return Again – Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach – חזור שוב – רבי שלמה קרליבך

or his descendants –

Moshav Band – live