Service-Learning for Future Teachers

Documenting and Reflecting on Service-Learning for Future Teachers
David Stoloff, Professor, Department of Education

a presentation at the Civic Action Conference 2017, sponsored by Eastern’s Center for Community Engagement, Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Students in a Tier I Social Sciences course, EDU 110, Contemporary Issues in Education, are encouraged to participate in CCE projects in local schools and community centers.  The students complete Pre-Education Service Hours forms to document their interactions with individual or groups of learners.  They also write reflections on these experiences at mid-term and at semester’s end.  These hours of service-learning may be included in the 50 hours of service-learning in schools required for admissions to teacher education programs at Eastern.  Future teachers may participate in this conference session to discuss the impact of this service-learning on their professional development.

Pre-Education Service Hours


Preliminary observations:

  1. experiences sometimes confirm the level that the future teacher wants to teach,
  2. enters into discussions on diversity in the classroom,
  3. importance of the CCE’s resources to make these experiences possible.