Social Justice via Mobile Learning

Monday, October 19, 2015 5:00 PM EDT as part of Connected Educator Month
ISTE MLN Mobile Mondays MiniConference
and a Pre-Conference Session at the 2015 Connecticut Educators Computer Association conference, October 25, 2015

Social Justice via Mobile technology 101915

Webinar Social Justice via Mobile Learning
Presenter: David Stoloff, Eastern Connecticut State University

Educators and community members will explore the uses of mobile learning for mindfulness and for social justice. We will discuss Charity Miles and Goodsearch, mobile tools for fundraising. Participants will share their uses of mobile learning for community connections.

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Notes for the presentation

Hytten, K., & Bettez, S. C. (2011). Understanding Education for Social Justice. Educational Foundations, 25(1/2), 7-24.

ways of understanding education for social justice – Philosophical/Conceptual, Practical, Ethnographic/Narrative, Theoretically Specific, and Democratically Grounded

“Better understanding what we mean when we call for social justice in education can hopefully contribute to opening up new angles for seeing and new possibilities for engaging each other across differing passions, commitments and agendas.” (p. 21)

Liang, B., Commins, M., & Duffy, N. (2010). Using social media to engage youth: education, social justice, & humanitarianism. Prevention Researcher, 1713-16″Positive youth development theorists maintain that the measure
of success for a youth program is the evidence of the “Five Cs”
of competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring in
involved youth. … Today, digital natives—teens and young adults—find a significant
portion of their experience and community online. In order to
reach this generation, an internet-ready, web-enabled approach is

Keep on Learning Arizona (2015).  About Kola.  Retrieved from”Keep on Learning Arizona, LLC, founded in March 2014, provides a platform for our members of different ages, with diverse background, and from all around the world to share knowledge and learn from one another. Our mission is to promote lifelong learning by connecting a tutee with a tutor so that both can have a real-time conversation in English on their favorite topics.”

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concludes that ‘‘what’s good for personal well-being is also good for the planet.’ (p. 291)

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