Why is Eastern Distinctive?

Why is Eastern Distinctive?:  Assessing Eastern’s Liberal Arts Program, Strategic Plan, and Distinctiveness using Electronic Portfolios – David Stoloff and others,  LIB 263 – users’ education room

Distinctiveness in the Liberal Arts

1) Eastern is designated as Connecticut’s Public Liberal Arts University by the Council for Public Liberal Arts Colleges

2) “The liberal arts core curriculum (LAC) is the centerpiece of our mission“.

3) “At Eastern, students take their liberal arts core sequentially in three stages, with introductory courses preparing students for more advanced learning. The curriculum is designed in steps that progress logically from the first to the third or fourth year.”

4) As part of this liberal arts program, “the overriding objective of the First-Year Program is to help students make a successful transition from high school to college.”

5) Dr. Margaret Martin of the Social Work Program was recognized by the Association for General and Liberal Studies  for demonstrated leadership in the development of the liberal arts program at Eastern. 

Distinctiveness in the Strategic Plan

6) Eastern’s strategic plan arises from the university core values

7) The strategic initiatives focus on student success, innovative academic initiatives, a learning-centered campus, and institutional support. 

8) Among these initiatives, some of the most distinctive are the Liberal Arts Works! initiative, Center for Community Engagement, Global Citizenship program, and the ePortfolio initiative.

Distinctiveness with ePortfolios

9) For 2011-2012, the ePortfolio initiative is making use of wordpress.com and live.com.  Instructions on the process of developing an ePortfolio may be downloaded from E-Portfolio 0811 .

10) In the past two academic years, we have celebrated student pioneers using electronic portfolio for their own professional and social development.   The Best Eastern ePortfolios 2011 are models for ePortfolio development into the future.



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